For hundreds of years artists have wielded the finest pigments available to celebrate their patrons’ legacy and loved ones.

Oil paintings will outlive us, lasting hundreds if not thousands of years. They capture a single moment born out of multiple conversations, but their purpose is about enduring memory – how we remember the people we love and how we hope to be remembered ourselves.

I commissioned Robert to create a painting for my sister. It was so much fun, he involved me at every stage - it felt like a collaboration. I ended up with a gorgeous painting and it had the desired impact i.e. my sister cried! I can’t recommend him enough.

Dane Cross, Client


Robert Moutrey is a multidisciplinary artist, born and raised in Manchester, now based in London.

Robert studied music and art up to higher education, at which point a choice was made to focus on music; however, he continued to paint. 

Having spent his early adult years as a professional musician, the global pandemic necessitated a form of expression not reliant on live audiences or in-person collaboration.

During this time, Robert dedicated his artistic practice entirely to painting and was able to transition from acrylic to oil. 

Part of this rediscovery involved a deep dive into the academic teachings of the early Renaissance masters through to the 20th Century impressionists, particularly aspects of the human figure, light, form and colour theory.

Thematically Robert’s work explores a search for things bigger than ourselves. Drawing on myth, archetypes and psychology he creates accessible, contemporary depictions of our struggles with vulnerability, class and then tension between the masculine and feminine.  

When not behind the canvas, Robert still makes music in a variety of formats, including popular music ensembles, composition, sound design and audio engineering.

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