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For patrons, clients and supporters of my work. Here you can find resources that will help guide you on your journey into my work. You will also be able to find articles about upcoming news and events, as well as why your support truly matters.

Your Support

The most difficult thing about creating something out of nothing isn’t the creation itself; the most difficult part is turning up to do it. Finding the energy to sit down at a blank canvas each day is a meditative practice that involves pushing out the fear, the negativity bias that would rather you organise your sock drawer. Turning up is the most challenging part of the job.

Actually, once you get past the sirens of imposter syndrome, the constantly undermining self-criticism, and the debilitating need for external approval, it’s quite an enjoyable experience! It’s made even more enjoyable when the work you end up completing has an impact on the wider world around you.

‘Resources For Patrons’ is an archive of material I’ve been putting together since I started my journey as a freelance portrait painter in 2021. Painting to me is about energy and I hope you find that energy in these posts. There are a myriad of ways you can support me as outlined below, but I want you to know that I do not want or expect it to be a one-way relationship and your support really matters to me

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