Resources For Creatives

For artists, craftspeople, theatre-makers, writers, journalists, content makers and alike. Here’s a collection of tools, ideas and projects that might help you as they did/do me in this crazy world of self-employed service provider.

On June 14th 2021 I gave up my full time job in Facilities Management with a good salary and a secure future, to pursue a way of life I had always imagined for myself but never knew how to achieve. It was very difficult. I couldn’t have done it or keep doing it without the support of the love of my life, Haley McGee.

In the process of going out on my own as a self-employed portrait painter, I’ve learnt many things but the one thing I have come to believe above all is that we don’t do enough to support those going out on a limb to create something new for their community.

‘Resources For Creatives’ is an archive of material I’ve been putting together since I started my journey as a freelance portrait painter in 2021. There are posts about accounting, tax, marketing, and things I don’t even know I’ll write in the future as I sit here on August 27th, 2022. I hope they are as useful to you as they were to me at the time of posting them.

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