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Along with painting portraits, I also enjoy painting original concept pieces which attempt to explore those elements that have inspired artists for centuries: nature, love, and beauty.

Robert Moutrey is a multidisciplinary artist from Manchester, specialising in bespoke hand-painted oil portraits.

You only have to be alone with a painting by John Singer Sargent to understand that portraits are immensely powerful, not just in terms of his technical abilities but also his expression of character. His paintings extend far beyond that of a painting and truly embody the spirit of the individual/s he painted. For me, Sargent’s example is one that I will spend the rest of my life aspiring to re-create.

I find the efficiency of portraiture so alluring, the fact that the interpretive space created by something so seemingly simple as the reflection of a person can be so…  formidable. Who are they? What life did they lead? How did they fit in the world? Who am I? What life do I lead? How do I fit in the world?

I’ve always been fascinated with order, shape, patterns, and it’s always been how I try to understand the world around me. It often leads to over simplifications, but it helps me stay sane. Without it spiral down into stress, anxiety and depression as, like most people, I don’t do well when I feel out-of-control.

My Creative Projects are a series of projects that attempt to pull all of this chaos and uncertainty together into several disparate, yet-streamlined outputs. These outputs explore ideas of religion and spirituality from an antithetical perspective. They explore social and political aesthetic from an emotional, non-scientific point of view. I really want to examine suffering and pain to find beauty and that which binds us together outside of religion and science, because to be frank neither are serving us right now.

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