About Robert Moutrey

Let me introduce myself. Hi, my name's Robert. Here you can find information about my background, where I come from and what I hope to achieve.

Robert's Bio

Robert Moutrey is a multidisciplinary artist, born and raised in Manchester, now based in London.

Robert studied music and art up to higher education, at which point a choice was made to focus on music; however, he continued to paint.

Having spent his early adult years as a professional musician, the global pandemic necessitated a form of expression not reliant on live audiences or in-person collaboration.

During this time, Robert dedicated his artistic practice entirely to painting and was able to transition from acrylic to oil.

Part of this rediscovery involved a deep dive into the academic teachings of the masters of early Renaissance through to the 20th Century impressionists, particularly in aspects of the human figure, light, form and colour theory.

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